We offer 1, 2 and 3 hour seminars that can be customized to fit your
needs. We also work on 4 week programs for your organization, business
or home that are guaranteed to give results.

Time Management
This course uses the acronym  S.I.M.P.L.E. to introduce strategies in achieving the
goal of simplification and time “un-management.” This course teaches putting
organizing routines on autopilot so as to no longer have to rely on conscious thought to
manage time.

The Simply Balanced Home
The Balanced Home starts with the Balanced Parent and this workshop teaches
parents techniques to use to stay balanced in the chaos that often surrounds by
parent’s busy lives with children. Workshop focuses on tactics to create a “Home
Administration” area that everyone in the house can rely on to stay on track with their
responsibilities, both within and outside of the home. Finally participants learn to use
the Home Administration tools to remind them of the techniques necessary to remain
balanced every day.

Organization for Academic Success
Designed for students beginning in 7th grade and up to teach them to be responsible
for their own success.

Space Organizing
Explore strategies to look objectively at any space, identify spaces, and categorize
items.  You’ll learn an easy seven step process to eliminate clutter to create the
envisioned space then use that process to organize a space.  Included will be a
discussion on chronic disorganization.

Before & After–Simple Organization Makeover
Create your own “before and after” of a disorganized or cluttered space you want to
handle once and for all! Is it the dreaded closet? Or workspace, desk, or craft area?
Learn step by step strategies of how to organize and makeover your space. This
course uses the acronym S.I.M.P.L.E. to introduce the strategies and techniques to
help you tackle the organizing challenge and put an action plan in motion.

Home Filing for Ease of Tax Preparation
In this 2 hour workshop learn what you need to save and how you can set up your
home filing system to gather the papers you need and be ready on January 1 to file
your taxes.

Financial  Organization
Do you want to be able to spend just 15 minutes gathering all of the papers needed  
when you are getting ready to prepare your taxes?  Come learn how to make this
dream a reality!   We will discuss what to save and what is no longer needed.  You will
learn to use a proven process that handles the flow of financial paperwork from the
time you receive it (and take any actions on it) to the time it gets filed permanently.

Paper Organizing
Address different methods for categorizing papers that are saved for reference for
home as well as businesses and discover the tools available for paper organizing;
includes an overview of scanning and filing papers electronically.

Contact management
This seminar is designed for individuals in a business environment. It focuses on what
types of data to capture to fit their needs and how to put processes into place to make
sure follow up with contact occurs.

The computer age has many of us drowning in electronic data! This seminar will help
participants learn to funnel the overwhelming amount of electronic
information received.
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