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Organiz-ER and Your Home
Assist individuals in eliminating unnecessary personal
belongings and prioritizing their possessions. We help
make the task less overwhelming. Our ideal home client
is a person who doesn't know where to get started but
wants to organize their whole house. It may be someone
who has lived in their house for an entire lifetime and
has collected many things. Or it could be someone
ready to downsize and/or move. We welcome individuals
with hoarding tendencies.

Areas where we can help:
Paperwork – sorting, reducing, organizing, and storing
paper records
Financial paperwork – ensuring you have the necessary
paperwork on hand and in order
Physical inability – assisting those with mobility problems
in maximizing their space and performing tasks they
need help with
Moving/merging households – helping individuals and
families who are moving, downsizing, or consolidating

Case in Point: Downsizing Divorcee
One of our home clients was a divorced doctor living
with her son.  Forced to downsize due to the divorce
and without the time to decide what items to keep, she
had movers hastily pack of her belongings and unload at
her now place.  Three years later, there were still many
boxes untouched in her basement, waiting to be
unpacked.  Her life hadn’t allowed her the time or
energy to sort through the items on her own, which is
where Organiz-ER came in.  Her initial request for help
simply read, “Organize office and basement after move.
Some design work in home.”  Getting right to work, we
helped unpack boxes and furniture, sorting through
each item.  Holiday decorations, kitchenware, and more
had to be consolidated, sorted through, organized, and
put away.  Other items, such as extra towels and
sheets, were integrated into the upstairs living space
with what had been in use.  Once everything was
labelled and put away, the maintenance phase began.  
We continue to see this client, focusing on organizing
personal and professional paperwork.  To free up some
time and streamline the workflow of papers she brought
home, we got her a stamp to sign items and helped her
develop a mailing system.

Starter Packages
Planning appointment – $100
We inspect your home and assess the situation in the
house, estimating tasks in each room and giving you the
prerequisites for us working with you, such as removing
a couch or getting a dumpster. The fee includes a
generalized written plan for organizing the space.  After
which, you can choose to have us carry out the plan, do
it yourself, or reevaluate.

Organizing appointments – see below

We get down to the organizing!  We follow our written
plan and carry out the work for you so long as you are
okay with our recommendations. While we provide ideas
and suggestions, what we do is always your decision.  
Some clients choose to work alongside our organizers to
answer questions and help make decisions while others
prefer to make themselves available for questions while
letting the organizers do all the work.  No matter what
kind of help you’re looking for, Organiz-ER will be there
to guide you.

•        1, 3 - hour appointment,     $180
•        2, 3 - hour appointments,   $340
•        3, 3 - hour appointments,   $500