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Organiz-ER and Your Life
Assist individuals with long term life overhaul plans. Our
ideal life client is a person who wants to transition to new
habits and routines. The person may be clean and
organized in their house but do not feel organized because
they don't know how to manage their time or have too
much to do. It is a person who wants to wake up every day
with a new zest for life.

Areas where we can help:
•        In transition – for those moving, changing jobs, or
experiencing personal changes
•        Trouble finding something, confusion, or feeling
overwhelmed – those who need to find their purpose in life,
feel lost, are confused about how to move forward with life

Case in Point: Recovering Hoarder
A good example of a life client of ours was a woman we
met while she was living at her aunt's house.  This
ambitious divorcee ran a business out of her aunt's
basement, but needed some help staying organized.  
Coming from a family of hoarders, she needed to be taught
the life skill of being organized.  As her belongings piled
up, even the storage unit she was renting wasn’t enough.
We have since been working with this client on and off for
the past 13 years, helping her deal with her mother’s
belongings after her passing.  When her father passed
away and our client went to clean out his house, she called
to tell us, “I can’t believe I used to live like this,” as she
stood in a mess not very different from the one we had
helped her with.  Over time, and after taking an
organization course with Susan at Northern Essex
Community College, this woman opened a new business
and enjoys teaching clients time management skills she
has learned.  She went on to overcome illness, find love,
and even get rid of her storage unit.  

Starter Packages
Planning appointment – $100
We sit down with you and discuss your life situation,
including challenges, goals, and current situation.  We set
short-term organization goals and discuss the “life
organization rules of engagement” that we will follow,
discussing next steps we would like to take with you.  
Please see an outline of our process below.

We ask that you slow down and allow the time necessary
for the process.
- We ask that you get introspective to prepare yourself for
a successful outcome.
- We ask that you be open to eliminating the unnecessary.

Phase 1 – Stabilize
- We will spend time determining what open tasks need to
be completed for stabilization.
- We will not engage in implementing new processes or
tools while in this phase.

Phase 2 – Prioritize
- We will create an initial plan of tasks with corresponding

Phase 3 – Organize
- We will update project plan as tasks are completed or
related details are identified.
- We will hold regular project status meetings with
designated stakeholders.

Phase 4 – Transition
- We will create suggestions for future organizing projects
or tasks.
- We will distribute process documentation as agreed upon
in Statement of Work.

Initial planning appointment plus 3, 3-hour appointments -
In addition the planning appointment, we will carry out
initial life organizing appointments in which we will begin to
take steps with you to reach the short-term goals we have
set for you.  This could include organizing spaces and
papers or focus on learning general organization
techniques tailored to your life.