About Us

Organiz-ER has been in business since 2004,
helping individuals and businesses declutter
and streamline for a sense of calmness.  
Whether you need assistance with your office
or home environments or personal well-being,
Organiz-ER has you covered. Susan Walko,
proprietor and owner has hand selected a team
of highly credentialed professionals whose
passion is to help others. To us, it’s simple: we
Stabilize, Organize and Transition, leaving you
with the tools, systems and processes to
remain successful and balanced.

Organiz-ER owner Susan Walko, who has
simultaneously worked as a home organizer,
systems consultant, and mom, works in all
areas to assist people and businesses with the
organization process.  With Susan's vast
experience, it is no coincidence that Organiz-
ER's tag line is "organizing home, office, and
life." Susan spends much of her time in offices
helping others set up processes and optimize
their technology. Susan's passion is working in
homes with individuals who have trouble
discarding items. She also enjoys showing
people how to use traditional time management
tools in a way that enhances their humanity.


Robyn Curry is a recognized business
professional and champion for helping
businesses adapt to change.  With 30 years of
experience in corporate accounting Robyn’s
background includes hands on experience in
all facets of accounting and implementing
software solutions.  Robyn has developed
spreadsheets and other management tools to
aid in optimizing month end close and year-end

Her experience includes Healthcare, Staffing
and Professional Services markets. Robyn is
adept at identifying opportunities for cost
reduction, streamlining workflows, and
implementing process improvements to
maximize profitability. She is competent in
project management, financial reporting, and
cash management among other things.  Robyn’
s passion is to help others succeed.

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Sharlene Hemp believes that when the stress
of trying to balance job and life causes chaos
and disorganization in home and office, it is not
surprising that your life may begin to be
scattered.  It is her passion to help clients get
their homes de-cluttered and organized
resulting in a peaceful and safe environment.  

Her experience with all varieties of disarray
and different individuals can aid with
customizing the procedure to achieve the
environment suitable for the client. After many
years in the office environment, with no day to
day satisfaction, Sharlene is now enjoying
witnessing the smiles on her clients faces
when they see the end result.

Janine Whittaker is passionate about
environments and their effect on people. She is
a Certified Master of Feng Shui through the
International School of Feng Shui and a
member of the International Feng Shui Guild.
Janine has studied interior design and has
experience working in both the residential and
commercial design realms.

In addition to these skills, Janine is also
certified in Crystal healing, Reiki, Certified
Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (C.E.A.S.),
and Pranic Healing.


Life coach Diana Noble brings over fifteen
years of experience guiding individuals through
the transition process of discovering their
inner beauty.

Diana is a Certified Alternative Healing
Practitioner and has spent a lifetime studying
human habits in relation to our environment in
order to learn how to create systems of
harmony in our material environment and
emotional environment. She is a licensed Yoga
Instructor, Flower Essence Practitioner, a
Certified Medicine Woman, and Reiki Level II
energy worker.
Susan Walko in action

What are people saying
about us?
I just had to write you a quick
note to say THANK YOU!  I am
SO glad I chose you for my
organizer..  you're the best!  
Today was awesome!  You
obviously saw that I needed
alot of help and you have
stepped up in every way.  
You're a joy to work with and
please let your son and his
friend I thank them also for all
their hard work.  ~Jane

"Three of my friends have
used Marie Kondo's methods
with life changing results.
Their success inspires me to
try it but there is nothing
better than the coaching
Susan offers to overcome
obstacles and really make the
permanently clutter free
space happen."   ~Linda

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