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Professional Organizer

A professional organizer
enhances the lives of clients
by designing systems and
processes using organizing
principles and by
transferring organizing
skills. A professional
organizer also educates the
public on organizing
solutions and the resulting
    -From NAPO
(National Association of     
Professional Organizers)
You have made choices in life that have led you
here looking for assistance on the next leg of
your journey. We hope the simple layout allows
you to efficiently determine if we are the right fit
for your needs. Thank you for giving us the
opportunity to spend this brief moment with
you. We hope you find what you are seeking
and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Welcome to Organiz-ER!

An organizer's thoughts?

These are the things that keep
us up: How to declutter home
once and for all. How to live a
minimalist lifestyle in this
chaotic world. Time

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Our Purpose
"Organizing Office, Home, and Life."

It sounds simple, right?  But the fact is, for
most, achieving this balance is complicated
and overwhelming.  Our clients are diverse in
their needs and Organiz-ER is your one stop
solution with professionals specializing in
every facet of a person's being.

Office: We partner with both public and private
entities to improve business systems and
processes. Whether you’re an independent
business owner, a partnership, or an
established small to mid-sized company, we’ve
got you covered. We help to maximize your
profitability by identifying wasteful practices,
cleaning up the backlog, and creating
streamlined processes.  After carefully
listening to your business needs, we’ll develop
an implementation plan that is  clear, concise,
and deliverable. We provide education and
training so that when we transition, our
knowledge stays with you for years of
continued success. We’re always here for you.  
Home: Helping individuals become personally
organized. This includes: help with downsizing,
working with hoarders, whole house clean
outs and organizing personal finances.  

Life: coaching individuals to remove the chaos
surrounding their being so they feel a sense of
calm. How do we do this? In addition to
working on the physical surroundings, we
work on removing the blocks with the
emotional self.

Our Philosophy
•  We stabilize, prioritize, organize and
transition in a way to sustain your
•  We help you see the big picture but are there
to support you through the process of getting
•  We manage projects in a time frame that fits
your daily schedule.
•  We keep track of open tasks and send
reminders as necessary.
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