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Office Needs Assessment
Check all that apply:
To-Do List
Not all in one place (sticky notes every where)
No reference items needed to properly complete tasks
Not updated for the day
No location for future to-do items
No spot for items awaiting other person's actions
Clutter filled desk
Message pad with a multitude of messages from days before
Work surface cluttered
No place to sit comfortably to work
Few things have a proper home
No area for temporary items (ie keys, lunch)
No place for guests to sit comfortably
Doors blocked
Window areas blocked
Heater blocked
No quick information retrieval available
More than 10 items in e-mail inbox
Contact list disorganized
Some programs work with one another, but not all
Data does not flow easily between programs
Not all programs currently are in use
Large area for "to be filed" items
File cabinets full
Computer files in disarray
No system for archiving items
Business Plan
Not so clear business plan
No documented plan
Unclear yearly goals
Little or no cash flow & accounting procedures
Irregular bill paying schedule
Expense reports not up to date and inaccurate
Information is not stored in an easily accessible way
Work flow is unclear to everyone
There are clogs in the system
Attic/ Basement
Junk collections not stored properly
Broken equipment all about in no particular order
Outdated equipment
Old magazines and books piled up
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