Organiz-ER and Your Office
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Assist business owners and managers in setting up
efficient work flow processes and/or optimizing their line
of business applications or accounting system.
Additionally, we help client staff to document their
business processes. We can also manage transition
projects requiring multiple team resources. Our ideal
client is someone who is great at what they do but need
help with the behind the scenes business management.  

Areas where we can help:
Time – making processes more efficient to save
employees time
Space – ensuring that storage, desk, and office space is
Paper information – organizing, sorting, and reducing
paperwork or converting it to electronic files
Electronic data – ensuring electronic information is
organized and a CRM system is utilized properly
Financial records – helping to create financial reports,
support audits, and gather documents to submit to a
Process – looking for ways to improve business
processes to maximize efficiency and documenting new
and old procedures

Case in Point: Lawyer’s Office
Many people have disorganized, crowded offices
overflowing with paperwork, but not many could match
the scene we encountered in one lawyer's office. The
firm’s secretary had reached out to us because she was
drowning in paperwork and needed help to sort through
it all.  With so many important and confidential files, it
was critical that we were able to organize them in a way
that would make files accessible and easy to find while
keeping them off of every flat service in the office.  
Recognizing the space issue, Organiz-ER worked with
the firm to develop a three-tiered system of filing in
which current files were kept in file cabinets, recent files
were kept in a storage closet, and older files were
moved to an offsite storage location.  Files were then
alphabetized, color-coded, and archived in the
appropriate location based on established guidelines
generated together by the staff and Organiz-ER.   
Thanks to the financial expertise of Organiz-ER staff,
the firm was also able to get rid of unnecessary and
redundant paperwork and leave the office with enough
space to accommodate files for years to come.

Starter Packages
Efficiency Resource
Workflow process & procedure documentation planning
appointment - $1,000

We walk through the flow of your business from intake
to financial reporting with the intent of determining what
processes are in the organization that need
documenting as well as an outline for the
documentation. The planning may uncover processes
that may need to be changed or optimized and will
include estimated costs for us to assist with
implementing any changes.

Of if you just want to get started right away, schedule 12, 4-
hour appointments over 6            
months                                                                -$5,000

•        1 project, 12 on-site visits, On-site visit summary
after each visit
•        Up to 2 hours per week of project management
•        Written guidelines for moving forward

Emergency Response – For those who are merging with
another business, moving, in transition, or have no time
to meet a particular deadline.  We provide project
specific / dedicated resources to help meet deliverables
for an impending deadline.  
Sometimes, businesses face particular challenges or
projects that they are not equipped to handle.  Often,
there are hard deadlines that need to be met, which is
where Organiz-ER comes in.  We have helped
organizations prepare for audits, created specialized
reports, interpreted data to inform business decisions,
and much more.  
Request a specialized Statement of Work

Electronic Right-Hand  - If you are switching over to a
new software system, such as moving accounting to
QuickBooks or putting contacts in to a Salesforce, then
this is the option for you.  
Technology project assessment - $1,000
We will meet with key personnel within the organization
to determine where the organization is now and what
steps will need to be taken to transition to the new
technological application.  We will also provide an
estimate for the work we believe needs to be carried out
in order to achieve your goals if you choose to work
with us.