All the Items you Really Need - pt. 8

The Importance of a Minimilistic Lifestyle - Information/ Paperwork

As in the previous blog post, understand that these lists are simply guidelines to a minimalist lifestyle. They are not “gospel”, but rather, good starting points for your life. They are also very much generalized to fit most anyone’s current lifestyle.

Information/Paperwork -

Purpose: To prove many legal issues that may arise within society.

Comments: These papers are really all you need. All but taxes easily fit in a hand held box. In case of emergency – you would not need to take the taxes with you.


Passport/license – to prove who you are

Paperwork relating to things you own such as home/auto – to prove what you own

Health info – in case someone else needs to find out your medical history

Tax paperwork – to show that you are a law abiding citizen

Legal documents – to track issues that you have had in the future or to prevent future issues

This post is the eighth of a 10 part series.