All The Items you really Need - Pt. 9

The Importance of a Minimilistic Lifestyle - Entertainment

As in the previous blog post, understand that these lists are simply guidelines to a minimalist lifestyle. They are not “gospel”, but rather, good starting points for your life. They are also very much generalized to fit most anyone’s current lifestyle. This section of things needed is actually optional. Entertainment things are not needed to survive, but they do help to balance your life.

Entertainment (optional) -

Purpose: Provide options for mental, physical, and spiritual stimulation when not using energy for daily living.

Comments: Communication devices, books, and hobby supplies are lumped into this category. They are not really necessary but a familiar way of life.


Communication devices - Phone is nice to have, but is not really a necessity for living. However, a computer/digital device may be a necessity for your lifestyle and choices as they are part of current society.

Books - How many books and of what subjects are necessary to keep as part of your personal responsibility?

Fiction – no need to keep, these can be obtained from a library

Non-fiction – have for reference that you use often and are not easily found elsewhere. For example, I prefer books about plant and herb identification

Hobby Supplies (examples)

Craft supplies

Music supplies

Art supplies

Games-cards, few board games

This post is the ninth in a 10 part series.