Home Administration

Managing Your Home Environment

The success of Home Management is only as good as the designated "Home Administrator". This is the person in charge of taking care of incoming and outgoing items. One person does not need to be in charge of everything, but there needs to be set rules that everyone follows and understands.

Below are some items that you will need to be successful in organization:

- Labels for filing home items

This could be typed labels or stickers with handwritten notes, whichever works better for your household

- A place for small paper items such as menus, invitations, stamps, and coupons

- A place for items continuously going in and out of the house including briefcase, book bags, coats, and any other items needed for the next day

- In Box for person responsible for going through paperwork including general mail bills

- Outgoing area for things leaving and not coming back including library books, birthday presents, and items to return to people

- Area for items that need fixing this could be a variety of things, such as kitchenware or yard-ware

- Prominently displayed shopping list that people can write on when they think of something could be a list hanging on the fridge

The area for in/ out items, in box, and outgoing items could all be in the same area (say, in the “mudroom” of your house), but make sure to differentiate these items with boxes/ bins to make sure everyone knows the difference. The most important part to remember is this organization is unique for each family, and to focus on separating areas for all the things in your house.