All The Items you Really Need - pt. 2

The Importance of a Minimilistic Lifestyle - Personal Hygiene

As in the previous blog post, understand that these lists are simply guidelines to a minimilistic lifestyle. They are not "gospel" but rather, good starting points for your life. They are also very much generalized to fit most anyone's current lifestyle.

Personal Hygiene Items -

Purpose: Keep oneself clean and refreshed. Protect the body from decay and to honor the body.

Comments: Each individual should have these items as part of his/her personal belongings. However, if living in a shared space, many of these can be stored in a common grooming area or bathroom. (Of course, some of these are not necessary but…)


Hair comb

Hair cleaner (aka shampoo) – conditioner (optional)

Body wash/soap

Face wash (can use same as body wash but I have been told that gentler is better)

Tooth brush

Tooth floss


Body oil

Nail grooming – clippers, file

Feminine hygiene products (for females)

Deodorant (optional)

Shaving supplies (optional)

Toilet paper




Medicines – Plants work but nice to have

Antiseptic drops --- (Natural option is calendula drops)

Antibacterial cream --- bacitracin

Pain reliever --- Ibuprofen

Anti-inflammatory --- Benadryl

Skin soother --- aloe

Bug bites --- (Natural option is plantain leaf)

Disinfectant --- hydrogen peroxide/rubbing alcohol

Stomach soothing --- (Natural option is mint tea)

This post is the second of a 10 part series.