All the Items you Really Need - Pt. 6

The Importance of a Minimilistic Lifestyle - Transportation

As in the previous blog post, understand that these lists are simply guidelines to a minimalist lifestyle. They are not “gospel”, but rather, good starting points for your life. They are also very much generalized to fit most anyone’s current lifestyle.

Transportation Method -

Purpose: Way to travel outside of the safe shelter (mentioned in the previous blog post) as well as a way to interact with the outside world.

Comments: In my world, everything is spread out so I need a car. However, a bike would be okay, and of course walking is an option, but would be more limiting as to the distance able to travel. If a vehicle such as a car is needed, it would have to be able to be maintained by the owner, either by repairing it themselves or paying for maintenance. This adds a level of complexity and responsibility to transportation and requires that the person earn enough money to maintain the vehicle or replace it if needed.

This post is the sixth of a 10 part series.