All the Items you really Need - pt. 5

The Importance of a Minimilistic Lifestyle - Shelter

As in the previous blog post, understand that these lists are simply guidelines to a minimalist lifestyle. They are not “gospel”, but rather, good starting points for your life. They are also very much generalized to fit most anyone’s current lifestyle.

Shelter from Elements -

Purpose: Provide consistent location on a regular basis (aka home). Consistent safe location for rest with security away from elements in order to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Protect from elements. Sanctuary. Place to regenerate.

Comments: People reading this are presumably from an industrialized society of individuals living in homes, apartments, or other permanent structures. However, shelter can be a box, tent, or cave. It is important to create a space that is safe from the elements and relatively safe from intrusion. No place will be entirely immune from the middle of the night catastrophe. Also, the location should be dark and quiet. Some would argue that these last two criteria are optional, but they are required for deep sleep. Any place that you can sleep, prepare and store food, groom yourself, and store your belongings is a shelter.



Sleep mat desired (protect from wet/bugs)

Source of heat during cold weather

Don’t really need lighting but nice to have

Furniture is not really needed but…

- Table

- Chair

- Bed/sleep mat/blanket

- Storage cabinet

- Toilet (preferred)

- Sink

This post is the fifth of a 10 part series.