Case in Point: Lawyer's Office

Many people have disorganized, crowded offices overflowing with paperwork, but not many could match the scene we encountered in one lawyer's office. The firm’s secretary had reached out to us because she was drowning in paperwork and needed help to sort through it all. With so many important and confidential files, it was critical that we were able to organize them in a way that would make files accessible and easy to find while keeping them off of every flat service in the office. Recognizing the space issue, Organiz-ER worked with the firm to develop a three-tiered system of filing in which current files were kept in file cabinets, recent files were kept in a storage closet, and older files were moved to an offsite storage location. Files were then alphabetized, color-coded, and archived in the appropriate location based on established guidelines generated together by the staff and Organiz-ER. Thanks to the financial expertise of Organiz-ER staff, the firm was also able to get rid of unnecessary and redundant paperwork and leave the office with enough space to accommodate files for years to come.