The Best Way to Organize Your Home

How to Create Home Zones

As I was teaching a class on organizing, it occurred to me that the secret of organizing is knowing how

to SORT. It is really that simple. The first step in that process is determining what zones you will need. Another way to think of this is to “macro” sort - sort in large zones and areas before getting down to the nitty gritty details (micro). Think about the zones in your life and what you truly need to complete the tasks in that zone.

See below for some general zones and the locations that you do them:

Eating - Kitchen

Sleeping - Bedroom

Exercising - Outdoors

Cleansing - Bathroom

Dressing - Bedroom

Storing - Attic

Processing Paperwork - Office

Relaxing - Den

It is the more granular zones that prevent people from being organized. When you are first starting don't get obsessed with sorting to the granular level. Instead of separating pens, pencils, and markers just create the larger zone of "writing utensils". After you get larger categories of like items together you can start sorting to the more detailed level. Start at the macro level and then shift to micro sorting.

I have created a Zone Detail Worksheet with some of the more common zones.

Zone Detail Worksheet

See if you can identify the ONE place that you have the items stored. It may be easier to look at the spaces that you already have in your home and or office. Give a critical eye to look at what the area was originally intended for and what it is actually being used for. Don’t be afraid to obsolete some zones that you may no longer need. If you have a zone for your skiing supplies but have not skied in years, there may be no need to have a zone for that task.